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Wilson Opens Pro Boxing Limited Opportunities Still Available to Provide
Camp in Northern Tier Financial Backing for Aspiring Fighters

January 6, 2005
Mills, PA  

Zeke Wilson, former sparring partner to Larry Holmes and other world-class heavy weight boxers, has opened a pro-fessional training camp in Pennsylvania’s Northern Tier.

 It is a well-known fact that every fighter has the potential to make MILLIONS of dollars in a well-managed career.  For boxing fans and investors alike, this is a unique opportunity to be involved in a paradigm shift in the business of boxing.
     In order to fund his boxing camp during the preparatory phases of the fighters’ careers, Wilson has opened the opportunity for businessmen and women to become involved through a program to financially back a group of boxers, then to share in the potential purse of millions of dollars that they each produce on an ongoing basis.

Never before has the opportunity been presented in this manner.  According to Wilson, “This is a program that working people can do.  It does not require great wealth to become involved in the careers of these young boxers, and to participate in the history of the sport as it develops.  And of course, the potential to earn a positive and substantial cash flow within two to three years is amazing for any income program.
     Anyone interested in discussing this opportunity can contact Wilson at 814.334.5896, or can email him at

The training facility is situated on 15 acres in North Central PA, and includes lodging and training facilities.
     “In today’s sports economy, it has been established that fighters can easily earn millions of dollars. By removing the stresses of everyday life and providing a focused environment, we will give young fighters the opportunity to sharpen their skills and work toward their career goals,” explains Wilson regarding this unique approach to training.
      Wilson has combined the need for seclusion during the critical stages of training along with a residential facility that provides housing, training, career management, and promotion for aspiring young boxers.

        States Wilson, “Boxing has always been my first love.  I plan to use my years of experience in the sport to help these young fighters to maximize their potential. Boxing has always been a part of my life and I see this facility as a natural progression of my career, branching out to share my experience with young fighters.  I look forward to seeing these boxers ready to fight in venues like Madison Square Garden by early Spring of 2005.”


Meet Zeke Wilson 

Wilson has had a long, successful career in boxing.  In 1973, Wilson began his career at the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort, SC, where he was trained by McCalley Washburn and the All-Marine Boxing Champion Sgt. David Robinson. 
     Upon graduating from Beaufort High School in 1976 and relocating to Philadelphia, he trained under the tutelage of George Benton and former world heavyweight champion Joe Frazier.
     Wilson used his boxing skills to earn many honors during his amateur career.  In November of 1975, he fought David Thompson in Hilton Head, SC, for the South Carolina State championship, and won by a unanimous decision.
     His amateur career qualified him to compete in the USA AAU Heavyweight Boxoff held in June of 1977.  He won the Heavyweight Elimination held in the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, OH.
     As his experience in the sport grew, he enlisted in the US Marine Corps and became a member of the Marine Corps Boxing Team.  
  In July 1979, he competed successfully in the Marine Base Championship at Camp Pendleton, CA.


 After serving four years in the United States Marine Corps, he was honorably discharged in  1982 and became chief sparring partner for then-current heavy weight champion Larry Holmes.
His career has continued to advance, and in addition to fighting on a professional level he also trained, managed, and promoted both amateur and professional prizefighters.  He has developed a line of fitness products and videos, including his popular Ze’Box Aerobic Boxing videos, sportswear line, and boxing equipment.
Wilson enjoys participating in strength sports, and currently holds the Amateur Athletic Union PA State, American and World records in the Squat, Benchpress, and Deadlift events.

Contact Info:
                    Zeke Wilson
                    2757 Genesee Mills Road, Mills PA  16937
                    Phone: 814.334.5896
                    Fax: 814.334.5325
                    Email: <>